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    As professional autmotive safety glass manufacturer,strictly abide by the promise of commitments to customers,every procedure in line with with requirement of IATF16949 Quality mangement System, mainly depending on prevention,continuous improvement to fully meet customer expectations for higher quality and better service; on the after-sales service, solemnly promise to actively respond to customers demands around the clock,timely  settle the quality matter.

    Company adheres to the philosophy of people-oriented,strive to build up a harmonious and win-win larbor relations, establish a fair and equitable salary remuneration incentives and meantime the staff insurance for health care, work injury and unemployment be covered on time; the implementation of cross-training to provide fair and equitable opportunities for the growth and career promotion of each staff.

    Company's non-profit canteen in the charge of professional chef, free dormitory, reading room, chess and card room,table tennis room,basktball field and other part-time activities playground, for the purpose of creating a good living environment for all the staff.In Huanyu amoung the staff work and live, together study,mutual trust and suport each other; and company leaders always send their best bessings on each staff' birthday, every one be proud of Huanyu people. 

    Adhere to green development concept and pay more attention to environmental protection. Enterprises  strictly comply with environmental laws regulations, implement environmental protection idea in each aspect of enterprise production and management, do our best to reduce the adverse impact of production activities on the environment--initiative increase investment in environmental protection facilities, control the souce of polution in workshop--ensure that no dirted sewage purified well ; eliminate backward technology, introduce and use of new material,non-use of potential polluting materials.

    Encourage and develop the spirit of "when trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters", specially set up the community of Love and Fraternity, one the one hand help the staff who face the economic difficulties due to various causes and meantime actively fulfill the social responsibility to help others in difficulties because of disasters and diseases.